Friday, October 26, 2012

Arrggg its a Mermaid

 I went to Ayiana's parent-teacher conference for the year this week and she is doing wonderful. Her teacher feels she is right where she should be, and she is getting a Citizenship award for the quarter, she got all "o"s= outstanding for all categories under work skills and social skills. She was so excited, and we are very proud of her! They do not do letter grades in first and half of second grade so no merit or honor roll yet, but she is beginning to read at a faster pace and is enjoying doing it on her own... we sat tonight, after much candy eating, listening from the living room her read to herself in her room. Such a nice sound to hear!

Liam had a doctors appointment this morning, his asthma is staying in check with maintenance medication still and his doctor has basically told me to watch for symptoms and adjust inhalers as needed, trying to stay at the lowest dosage possible without creating the need for more intervention (oral steroids) later on. Liam still dislikes doctors offices, today was a tough one! He started to get upset as I slipped his shoes off; he bit me! He's not done that one before, I just removed him and walked away, saying "That's not nice". The nurse was puzzled when I sternly said that to him, I told her what had happened she looked shocked! I guess I didn't let on to how hard he had done it (he didn't break skin but the muscle on my shoulder still hurts). After my stern tone and lack of sympathy for his plight he stayed compliant. Actually he smiled and laughed for the doctor, guess he figured he couldn't get anyone to rally his side, so he might as well go along with the program.

We debated for almost a full month rather to take the kids to Zoo Boo or not. But we decided that since Liam will be having his dental work (under full sedation) on Halloween morning we wanted to do something. That way even if he is not feeling up to it on Halloween night he still has an experience of dressing up and getting candy for the year. So we went to Zoo Boo, first time ever, it was very packed with people, which is a bit different then the Christmas Lights time. When we go during that time, it is usually a little more tranquil. The kids had fun though and of course had plenty of candy. Here are some pictures from tonight's events!

Thomas and Liam, we went out to dinner first, this was on the patio area there

The Mermaid and her Daddy!

My sea dwellers and there ship at the Zoo