Monday, October 8, 2012

Seals of approval

Today after school we took the kiddos to the zoo, we hadn't been in some time even though we have an annual membership. Our zoo recently opened a new exhibit, called "Sea Lion Cove", so that was the first stop! The kids loved it, stayed there for quite some time. I had read in our magazine we get with membership,  that one of our sea lions loves coming up to the big under water window to visitors... I didn't realize that she literally comes up to greet you, she did for nearly every child that came up to it! Her name is Ariel, I think the kids really loved her too!

We went around to the elephants, Liam doesn't like to stay down low, he has a hard time looking through the bars, Thomas took this one of him and me

We went to the petting zoo, the goats are nice as usual, I tried to get the sheep to stand still.... haha, they DO NOT like attention!

We have a calf in the petting area, she had just had her bucket of milk... then she still wanted to suck on something, the keeper there put her fingers out and she sucked noisily on them, what a pacifier! Then I heard  another first... a Kangaroo sneezing haha!

We went around to sting ray bay, the kids love that too, but they just look, to afraid to actually touch. Ayiana actually pulls her hand up even if its in the water as they come by, its pretty funny to watch. 

Lastly we went to the Dino Dig area, the kids play on their own here, so Thomas and I sat for a few moments in peace :-)

Then we came home, a fun afternoon, with my beautiful family!