Sunday, October 7, 2012

Fall Weather

We finally are in our "normal" temperature range around here, I am so thankful! This last week, was actually pretty mellow for the McCarty household, another thing to be thankful for. Upcoming "big" events aren't until the end of October and through the holidays. Last Monday Liam wasn't feeling to well, he fell asleep before 11 in the morning, he usually NEVER takes a nap, so he didn't get to school that day.

He's never done that before so I took that as a message that he really needed the rest, then I figured out why (or at least I think). I began sneezing on Wednesday, thinking it was just allergies, I must have sneezed 50 times on Thursday and Friday, probably 100 on Saturday. My energy level was just gone, then today I woke up feeling much better and I haven't sneezed but maybe 20 times and Thomas is now the one sneezing with a stuffy nose.... so there's that, had a cold and didn't even realize it! Oh, well, still got what needed done this week done. That included taking Bella to the vet to update her shots, she is much like the kids, and wouldn't even look at the camera if shes stressed lol She shook like a leaf in the waiting area, but overall was such a well behaved girl... she more then deserved her cookie at the end of the visit.

Last night, Ayiana had a sleep over at my parents.... the past two times Liam hasn't cared so much. This time was different, he decided that we needed to have a sleep over at home too, he wanted in my bed! This is actually one of the only times I can remember that he wanted to sleep in bed next to me, most people want their kids to stay out of there beds but when you have one that doesn't cuddle to often you kinda jump at any chance, so I definitely ran with it! I also sang the song Ayiana sings to Liam every night. Yes, she has a "Go to Sleep Liam" song, I'll have to record it one day just so we have record of it because it is WAY cute and it is very much a part of his bedtime routine. In any case, he didn't get to actual sleep until much later than usual  (it took me a while to figure all of what he was wanting out, being that he doesn't talk) so, I knew today he would need a nap. Ayiana also stayed up past her usual time so she could use one as well... my solution, take a drive out in the country! It worked beautifully, Liam fell asleep I moved him from the car when we got home and he stayed asleep for a total of 2 1/2 hours. Ayiana watched a short movie when we got home then fell asleep next to me on the couch. YES, everyone got a nap in, success... HAPPY DANCE!  

ahhh... lazy Sunday drive in the country... relaxing!