Saturday, October 13, 2012

Short and Sweet

So this last week was filled with some of the usual calls, appointments, and school happenings... and very few other adventures. I consider that a winning week, we are all resting the weekend away. The few family members and friends who had been the hospital for the week are all out, and the only exciting thing for this week was Liam's school picture day! I kept my hopes on the lower side, because frankly getting a smiling photo with him looking at the camera is somewhat sparing... but we did it! The gal took 3 photos, the third he is smiling in. The photographer was worried because one of his hands is up, but he has it over his little heart and is smiling so sweetly. I told her that was far better than what I had expected and I am so excited to get his picture pack in a few weeks! Ayiana took her school pictures last week, so I should get them around the same time. With that I leave pictures of "Cheesy Ayiana" and my "Deer Liam."  These two wonderful kids of mine always give me something to smile about!