Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day

Fresno Memorial Gardens, Memorial Day Ceremony
For the past 4 years we went down to Santa Maria, CA to an annual reunion with my husbands former National Guard Unit, this year due to some family life changes (of the couple who usually ran the show) it did not happen. Thomas was sad that he would not be seeing many of his friends from that time this year, it was always something he looked forward to, perhaps next year we can make something happen. This year we went out to Fresno Memorial Gardens, they put on a very nice memorial ceremony for all the fallen solider's. One of Thomas's co-workers was the honored living solider this year, so he took loads of photo's at the event. I will post a few from below. The event was to start at 11, but did not until 11:15 and we left even before it ended at 12:30, but the kids did wonderfully well. Of course that was with me pulling spare papers of random finds out of my purse to fold paper air planes, and Ayiana searching around head stones for potato bugs (AKA, rolly pollies) but we had no big fits of any kind and they where starving by he end, so I consider that a successful outing. Then this afternoon ALL had a rest (YES, all of US....I can count on one hand how many times that has happened in the afternoon, so that was a double hitter for the day!)

Liam and I
Ayiana, remembering the solider's who died so we can be free

To all the soldiers who have/are served/ing we Thank you. Today, Memorial day,  we take the day to honor those who gave the ultimate sacrifice to defend our freedom. There are a few I know of on a personal level, but the death of one left a very hard impact, that is SST David Perry, who Thomas served with in Iraq, he passed away on August 12, 2003 (also mine and Thomas's 3rd wedding anniversary). I think of his children often as they where so little when he died, may God Bless them.

This picture was taken at Camp San Luis Jan 23, 2003, right as the unit left towards  Fort Lewis, then onward to Iraq.  

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Thomas's Birthday

So for Thomas's birthday we did a few fun things, the first thing was silly string. Ayiana thought that this was very funny and she giggled and giggled the whole time, Thomas was a good sport; unfortunately, all I took was video and that takes forever to load so I can not share the magic of the moment. You can imagine the wonder Ayiana had at the stuff! The second thing we did was place 4 candles (three on one side, one on the other for our "31") in a milkshake and we sang Happy Birthday! After the afternoon had passed by, we went to John's Incredible Pizza. We had promised Ayiana for some time that we would go, so with it being Thomas's birthday that meant one free meal for him, and we had a few credits off for Liam's making it a fairly inexpensive way to celebrate. Of course I felt bad during dinner because when we go Thomas ends up being more of a runner to the buffet for me and the kids but oh well. After eating we went over to the play area, started out at the Cars that move around. Liam actually sat in one cab with Ayiana, since he is still one inch to short to ride without an adult I had to accompany in the back lol.

First time Liam actually enjoyed the ride, although when it stopped he did still quickly get out!

Ayiana and I then rode the Twister ride, which she loves, and Liam loves just watching the things spin around. Thomas tried for some pictures but it goes pretty fast so they where pretty well blurry.

We did however, go bowling next. Ayiana, Liam, and Thomas stating "It's my birthday so I'm bowling," played. Liam needed no instructions after watching Ayiana he picked up the balls and started rolling them down the lane....and I have to say he's got some good talent for it! See below:

She's so cute (not that I'm bias or anything)

Okay, this is what sissy did, so here I go...
Right down the middle! Okay a little left but with no help! I was so excited to see him
just picked um up and start on his own!

Then Ayiana wanted to play a game, so with Daddies instructions, she sprayed water into lit up spots. Before we knew it Liam was up there ready for his turn too! Usually he spins around at John's and has so much awe of the lights he does not participate actively in anything, so it was a very nice surprise to see him watching and taking in everything!

Thomas, Ayiana, and Liam cleaning "stinky feet" lol

Liam was trying so hard, look at that attentive face!

We went next to this machine where you sit and the seats move, fans blow in your face, and music plays while it appears that you are on a roller coaster. I sat Liam on my lap, Ayiana was in the seat next to me. Liam LOVED this, so much so that even after it was over he climbed back up hoping for more.....

Then it was off to get a small toy for the tokens earned, Ayiana got a set of chattering teeth, Liam a water tube thingy with little balls that move inside it. 

So lets see, the kids got dinner at there choosing, sprayed dad with silly string, played games on his behalf, and yes got a present too! Funny how life changes on birthdays when you get older! In my defense I am buying him a table saw, but it won't be in until tomorrow but I did show him a picture of it! 

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Seniortitis for Mommies?

In high school when Seniors reach the very end of the year it was called "Senioritis" in other words the students stop working as hard and start playing more! I think there must be a mommy version of that, because I can not wait for summer! Then of course it hits that even during summer we are already full of occupational therapy appointments for Liam, and oh yes, a HIDA scan the very first day of summer vacation. The HIDA scan a specific type of x-ray scan where a nurse placed an IV with radioactive isotope in the vein and then they take medical images to watch this go through the Liver and Gallbladder....sounds fun for a 3 year old right? RIGHT!!!! I would not worry so much except when Liam went off the medication for his Gallstone his digestive system went pretty well nuts so there is something more going on so I agree to do these tests with my poor baby, sigh. Of course the doctor I spoke with yesterday to talk about how still Liam would need to be for up to 2 hours was hilarious, I told him a little about Liam and my concerns. He asked which doctor order it and said "oh he is just testing our skills lately, this sounds like the ongoing saga of very interesting tests we have been doing lately" I thought "oh boy, yey for us!" lol but we where both laughing and he said max was one hour and likely more around 30 minutes. Well we can handle that (I hope, that was the length of his last ultrasound, of coursr it did not start by getting hooked up to sn IV....)
Last night Ayiana had her dance recital and it was cute for the girls, they were excited to have their grandparents watching them. Of course Liam was pretty good, sitting outside with me and the IPAD, until the last 10 minutes, that's when he deceided it was HIS turn and started to throw a major fit, the screaming on our video is lovely. Today is Thomas's birthday, so as promised to Ayiana we are going to John's Incredible Pizza, here is hoping for a fun time for all, pictures to follow!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Messy is Mostly Fun

On Mother's Day afternoon, the kids played outside for a bit. The kiddie pool becomes mainly a swamp as Ayiana loves to add dirt to it, and Liam just enjoys taking the hose in and out of it, but after a time they needed to go to the shade for a while.... and that's when mud play begins! But I got to sit back and watch while they played, here is the result:

Nothing says fun, like a good mud scrub.... at least someone had a SPA treatment today, hahahaha

The only action I had to do from my lounge chair was to throw the ball for Bella, she smiles so pretty for me, its hard to say no:

Then tonight, I finally came to the conclusion, I am either a glutton for punishment or I just don't mind a mess lol. When Ayiana was ill, Thomas had bought this parfait stuff with strawberry jello and some non-dairy whip cream in it. I do not eat that sort of thing (I can not stand the taste of it!) and on top of that Thomas said it was not very good. So we decided instead of throwing it out to let the kids sink there fingers into it. Much to my surprise it also became desert for them after dinner tonight.... and provided much laughs for us, minus the clean-up!

I originally opened the container and set it on Liam's tray, and he was a good boy and just took out a little and ate a little bit at a time! I was SHOCKED to say the least, as he usually loves to sink his hands that sort of thing, but he actually didn't this time! This is one of the first pictures after I dumped the rest out on his tray and he realized I was letting them play with it! hehehe, I am sure that this will be to much horror to some parents, but I think we only live once, and the bath is just down the hall! I am also not so sure he will be a good boy and only eat small portions the next time, oh well, two steps forward- one step back.

After he got over his surprise that mom was letting them, I think the picture below shows his approval :)

Now with all the cleaning I had to do, I think I'll be like O'Malley and do some of this!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

I was looking up information recently on heart surgeries and how they came about. I found many interesting articles about how the bypass machine we have today was created, the early stages where pretty scary. It hits me every now and then how Liam is a happy thriving kid, but if he had been born when I was would have only had maybe a 50% chance of life, and if he had been born when his grandparents where in the 50's, he likely would not be alive today. The first pediatric heart surgeries started around 1953, and were not very sucessful, they where very much still doing trails. Which meant some families children died so that future patients had a do you thank a family for that? When I am having a struggling day I try to remember things like the above, it gets me through, but for Mother's Day I wrote a poem, it's slightly darker then what I was trying for, but Mother's Day is not all pretty flowers and chocolates so here it is:

Celebrating All Precious One's

Have you seen her standing there
The one who never takes a chair
This mother gets little breaks
At best a walk to the gate
She had the baby born small or
The one that stumps everyone,
Docotors and all
She is not the one who
Gets a handwritten card
By her kid,
Breakfast in bed
She is the one in love with her
Little one just the same
Happy just to have one more day
Never forgetting friends babies
Who could not stay
Always celebrating
Mother's Day.

Happy Mother's Day to all women who look after children, your own or someone else's (no matter what their age too!) or look up to heaven to see your angels wings.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

I will not be frustrated

The title has been my morning montra today! 2 weeks ago I called in the get Liam's prescription refilled for a medicine to help his Gallstone disolve. This is a slow acting med and he has been on it for 8 months, treatment with it generally can go up to 2 years and it has little side effects. I did not realize when we found Liam's gallstone back in August that is what had been waking him at night, but within 3 weeks of starting the medication he slept through the night the first time in his LIFE at 33 months old! So you can only imagine my frustration when all the sudden without any conversation of notice to us the doctor deceided Liam "no longer needed it" ... Huh? Thankfully the doctor called me and I plead my case as to what it has done to help Liam, and he said okay we need more blood work and another abdominal ultrasound but he agreed to refill for 3 months and re-evaluate at that time. That sounds like a better plan, except he had already been off it one week, the nurse from the office called in the rerfill on Friday the 4th. I made it over to pick it up Tuesday to be told "oh we do not have any on file" ...sigh, called the nurse yesterday. Knowing it was NOT her because she has never let me down but the pharmacy certainly is poor to follow up (and brlieve you me, if there was another compounding pharmacy close then we should certainly change), anyhow the nurse recalls for me and calls me back to say she did so and it should be ready shortly. I call first thing this morning to check obviously wanting to go pick it up....then pharmacist informs me that they are unsure on the dosage because they are showing 10x the amount so they will double check with the doctor and get back to me....AHHH. Poor Liam has now been without for 13 days and it takes up to 3 weeks to ramp this med back up! So frustrating, I am having to give him Motrin for belly pains, especially at night so he will actually sleep, and he is a poopasauras NOT okay! He is down a pound from a month ago, thanks in part to a virus we all shared last weekend and then there is this issue....sigh, so I will repeat today many times "I will not GET frustrated, I will not BE frustrated."

Friday, May 4, 2012

At the Car Wash

So today was my birthday, we did not do much... well celebration wise. Ayiana woke me at 2:30 AM and vomited every 45 minutes or so until around 8:30 AM, poor thing, thankfully by mid-morning that stopped and she had rested enough to be back to her usual self by the time we picked up Liam from school. After school we decided to head to the car wash, it is always actually pretty funny to go through one since the kids love them so. I considered this a birthday present for myself, a clean car and the joy of watching my babies smile and enjoy the ride! Here is the video of it below...anyone who does not smile at least once while watching it must have something clearly wrong with them :-)

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Proper motivation

Part of the journey of parenting a child with special needs does involve some different forms of reflection. Not that parents of all typically developing children do not do this but I think it is a bit different. With Ayiana I look back and wonder where the time went how last year at this time she had not gone to Kindergarten and I a bit worried, now to find that was for nothing...probably normal mommy anxiety about taking your baby to school for the first time. With Liam it is so different in an incredibly good way, it hit me yesterday that Liam has been walking officially for a year now! I looked through those first wobbly videos from April 27-May 4 were I made him stand up and walk if he wanted to go outside and smiled and laughed, proper motivation is really what he needed then...and for all intents what he still needs! But it took me back to when I wondered how much longer it would be before he walked, those days seemed to drag on and how unsettling it was for us to have a non-ambulatory 27 month old. For now that experience is my biggest help in knowing he will talk to us too, our biggest motivator For now is the iPad :) his speech teacher wt school told me that she got to watch him Monday with the technology assisting team and Liam, and he was passing pecs cards and using the Ipad with amazing attentiveness, lol....oh and the PEZ candy he receives works well too hehehe... His tescher told me after last weeks seesion she had to have them move to the conference room because he was so loud that it was a distraction for the other children...I could not help be smile at that, I am so glad that he gets to use an IpAd at school at least once a week too! As for Ayiana she was up motivated to learn how to knitt this morning at 6:15 that's a record, she is not a morning person but had just gotten her package we had ordered around bed time the night before. Yes that is when UPS delivers in our neighborhood! So what did all of us do this morning? Thomas, Ayiana, and I learned to "cast on" :) We shall see if this truly becomes a hobby for her, she loves the sewing kit we got her for Christmas, maybe she will be more craft-abled then her mother....and for her sake I hope she is!