Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Butterfly in the Sky

So mid-June we had some new arrivals to the home, they where little caterpillars which arrived looking rather dead. Our mail man had dropped them off early in the day though seeing as he didn't think that they would live long in his truck, he is a really good mail carrier, getting ready to retire, we will miss him. Anyhow, we read in the instructions how they would look rather lifeless for a day or so and then begin eating the brown colored food at the bottom of their dish. Thankfully they all did this right on time, then after a week of eating and getting rather big they crawled to the lid and
did there cocoon thing:
After a day we moved them into their new home, and waited a week, then in the middle of the night a week later, out they popped. 
We let them hang out for the day, and on Father's Day morning released them to eat, play, and be merry
Ayiana unzipping their enclosure

There goes another

Watching one go off into the sun

Up in the sky, Bye Bye Butterfly

This was the last one, he stuck around for a while before taking off in flight. 

If you have little ones this was certainly a fun thing to do, Ayiana spent a lot of time observing them. We purchased ours from a company called Insect Lore, we have had praying mantis' hatch, these, and next year maybe will do Ladybugs or Silk Worms.