Sunday, June 10, 2012

Forget that last post

So after saying "oh yey, summers on the way" (see post below :) it dropped 30 degrees, we had a wind much stronger then normal and oh yes, our tree snapped in half into the front yard!

Our fallen Tree

Insert a few days in between the first sentence, when I was interrupted, distracted and had to stop, haha. But that is also very indicative of the kind of week it has been.

So what the heck did we do this last week? We had a few big events, Ayiana's kindergarten class had a small performance on Friday, and Thomas and I received a Tiger Lilly (her school is Tiger themed) for helping on Tuesday mornings in her classroom.

Ayiana being a star on stage, her class sung parts from "America the Beautiful", "This Land is Your Land", and "My Country Tis of Thee". 

 Then Liam had a water play day at school, which did not take to much preparing for but still some. I did a major reorg of the household toys to limit the amount in the house (which took all day Wednesday) the idea is to rotate them around so that the kids make less mess and play with them more, so far it is working! This idea comes from a class I am taking, it is to help parents learn the basics of something called ABA therpy. ABA is used primarily for individuals with Autism and/or developmental delays. I was required to take it so that a behavior therapist can come out to assess Liam's behavior needs and then get some additional therapy hours for that. So far I have gotten a few techniques to try, some have worked others not-so-much, but they will also assist with potty Trainning which happens to be my goal for summer break....we will see how far we get!  Okay so seeing I have only a few pictures above, I have been wanting to share this video of Liam talking.... I took it into his IEP (individual education plan) meeting end of May, his speech teacher about fell out of her chair, one word is especially good just after the minute mark!