Saturday, June 30, 2012

Swimming fish and people

When Thomas and I got married, almost 12 years ago we had a great day! There are a few stories that stand out, one being about a gift. It was in the middle of the reception when Thomas found it, a license plate frame... holding it up he asked to the people around, "Whose James and why did he marry my wife the same day as me?" Mortified by the name mistake one of my aunts came and got the frame, I can still see the look on her face, I actually feel badly for having this announced in the way it was BUT this story has provided years of chuckles. Today, my cousin (aunts daughter) got married. I was not able to attend because Thomas was sleeping during the day (he works nights) and there was NO WAY Liam would ever sit politely during a wedding ceremony, I was however able to view a small joke creation my mom created for them:

I hope that her husbands family can take jokes, because he is also NOT James lol. 

                                      Congratulations Melissa and Chris!

This week Ayiana started swim lessons, she was a bit nervous but has enjoyed each day, it continues through next week. Here she is sitting waiting on the first day

I found the pool rules a little lacking, see if you can find what I think should be there (hint: its usually yellow and probably should belong under number 7). My laugh came on Friday when a life guard asked "What is the number 1 pool rule?"  A little girl stated with absolute certainty that the number 1 rule for the pool was "No Peeing" bwahaha and ironically according to the life guard the number 9 rule should be number 1... 

After swim lesson on Friday, we went the pet store. One of our old fish past away the day before so we had just one remaining (he's at least 4 years old). Ayiana thought he needed a friend lol, so we went and got another, I think both of them could stare in the fish tanks there all day long if I let them!

And for our Dad moments, Thomas was so excited today when Liam came and saw him on the toilet and then wanted to go too lol. Thomas took him to his potty, sat him down, and he went! Thomas was so happy that he understood what needed to happen for Liam, and that they had a successful pee in the potty lol! Happily we are still heading in the right direction for potty training. We figure its going to probably be another 2 years down the road but we where on the slow lane for walking (Liam started at 28 months) and as far as we know there hasn't been a lane change yet. We are hopeful, that with diligently trying, Liam is fully trained during the day by Kindergarten. Here is a picture I caught of my 2 wonderful guys on Wednesday. Note: Liam loves to rub Thomas's hair (does every chance he is close enough to the top of his head) lol