Sunday, June 3, 2012

Summers on the Way!

Yesterday, Ayiana's caterpillar's arrived, today I think I've heard thank you for getting them at least 12 times...I guess she is really enjoying them crawling around, we anticipate having butterfly's around fathers day, and she is very excited. Other then that, our weekend has been very dull, I think relaxing is usually the word we choose for dull, but I am okay with either! The mornings have been quiet, we even slept in past 8 this morning, granted that was only because Liam was up at 4:30 am for some reason before going back to sleep and the cat woke Ayiana at around 6, she said she petted him some, checked on her caterpillars, and came into my room and fell back asleep! I will certainly take that as sleeping in all the same :-) I usually have to close Ayiana's door or the cat tends to wake her, they are close buddies, as you can tell.....

and who ever said cats and dogs can't get along never came to our house. Today while outside I watched the O'Malley go under Bella's legs numerous times, he also rubs on her almost every morning.... then I found this photo Thomas must have taken last week

Our only big event of the day was running through the sprinklers, so I took a few pictures from that. 

As you can see sometimes I go outside and then we just play, no that equaled
 regular clothing getting soaked!

I am not sure what to think about these dollar store goggles!

We are officially on the countdown to the end of school, only two weeks left and Ayiana will officially be a first grader, it's almost hard to believe!