Saturday, September 22, 2012

Awesome people

So I don't often post about other people than the immediate family on here, some might ask why, honestly since I do not know how others react to being plastered online, I usually keep stories/photo's to a minimum for privacy sake. Today, however, I have a few pictures and stories about two positive people for our family. Thursday our pastor came over for an in-home visit and he let Ayiana dress him up, Liam climbed into his lap after awhile and even gave him some pretty awesome eye-contact! We are blessed to have such a wonderful Pastor and church family.

Look at those sillies!

Ayiana put hat and scarf on our Pastor, gave him one of her fruit
roll-ups too lol, such a nice hostess :) of course in my fashion, she
just couldn't keep her eyes open for the picture!

The next person, is Liam's occupational therapist. She did her first assessment/observation of Liam when he was 15 months old, she has been key to helping us do so many things for him, a simple thanks doesn't ever seem like enough. He use to whine and scream loudly during sessions, now he can not sit still in the waiting room he is so excited to see her! Friday we went in for our weekly one-hour visit with her, she has been trying for some time to get Liam to ride what is called a "scooter board" think wide skateboard but not as long and you'll have an idea.  Friday she laid down on it to "show" him what she was wanting, Liam climbed on top of her back, she said to leave him there and went down the hall with him! We where all laughing at how hysterically funny it was to watch him touching her hair while she pushed forward on it. After half way around she got Liam off of her back and then we actually got him to ride the second half around on his belly! I don't know to many teachers/therapists that would do what she does with him, but it works, she is an incredible therapist/person and we are so glad she is part of our team!

I am still chuckling about this one!