Friday, September 14, 2012

Picnic and Play

So I am WAY behind on posting, something about school year starting, then trying to coordinate Liam's new therapies, both of which takes much of my time. I have finally made a little head way on everything, but it takes many phone calls, emails, and report scanning, to get everything moving in the right directions. Believe me I'm not complaining, it is what it is, but I obviously can not update with all of it during the day! As for fun times, last weekend, the kids and I went to a birthday party on Saturday afternoon and then that night my husbands work had a picnic at our AAA baseball stadium. It was fun, the kids enjoyed the bounce house, swam a little, and really enjoyed running across the very even, non-sprinkler head dipped, heavily manicured grass! Heck, even Thomas said it was nice to run on, I sat and watched and snapped a few photos of them having fun.

Liam met a friend, we didn't know him, but he took to making sure Liam didn't get jumped on by the others in the bouncer, and even got him to stand and do some jumping... we where in awe of this young lad, as he was so sweet to do this without anyone saying a word. Give kids a chance to help others and many will, it was pretty neat to sit back and watch, and of course we thanked him when it was our time to leave!

Someone had brought this ball out to the field, Liam loved playing with it, and was wonderful to leave it there when it was time to leave

Give kids and a Dad some room to run and watch them play :) Airplane Liam coming in for a landing!

To be so young and carefree again lol

Play ball!