Friday, September 7, 2012

3 weeks of school

Ayiana "decorated" Bella...can you say "patient dog!"
Ayiana, on the last day she got to wear her "heart pin" the back wouldn't stay on after that day. 

Liam's "OH NO" not the dentist! Okay, serious he was
doing some sensory touch while eating a burrito, but I caught
on camera and felt it was appropriate :)
I can hardly believe that three weeks of school are already done! How easily time clips on, when I put in the little letter to Ayiana and Liam stating if I was lucky they would teach me a thing or two this school year, I didn't know how seriously that would be put to test! With a subscription to Liam is learning head over heals faster then before, it is pretty amazing to watch what a regimented routine lesson can do for him... so I am really anxious to get therapists with ABA experience on board, but realize that the school district is going to assess so that will be another 60 days down the road but we are moving, the train is chugging forward! We felt like we went stagnant there for a while and that isn't the best feeling so this is better, brighter, and much easier to deal with. Our biggest thing this week was the dentist appointment...which Liam absolutely hates. Ayiana did wonderfully and doesn't have any new cavities, YEY so very happy for her! Liam has one cavity, which in itself doesn't sound all that bad, BUT, he won't sit enough for her to get a good look at all the "possible" spots he has. He will not allow even x-rays on the sides to be performed! So... we are going to have to go to the general anesthesia route, they gave choices but since he doesn't cooperate AT ALL (chokes himself with his mucous even) we are capping all 8 molars. He also grinds his teeth so that in a sense should also help the enamel to stay in tacked. His one front tooth with the cavity had a previous filling and it either fell out or got soft again (meaning the decay continued around the filling) so if that can not be filled again he will have to have it either capped...which I was told will look really odd since usually they do both front teeth but he only needs the one. Dentists words where he will look "snaggle toothed", so extraction is the option that was recommended. On the car ride home, Ayiana being her positive self, said to Liam,  "You might loose a tooth before sister!" lol Not exactly the way we would ever want it but I guess we will go with her positive thinking, better then the alternative negative paths. We are fortunate that our dentist does work out at Children's Hospital, so we know Liam's sedation will be done by the best in the area, which does make me more at ease given all the work that will be done. With this most proactive approach, we are hopeful that Liam won't need more work any time in the immediate future.