Sunday, September 30, 2012

One Rad Race

Yesterday, Thomas and Ayiana went on a race together. Well partially together, Ayiana started with her Dad, then I took her and we went back around past the finish line and up one station and waited about 10 minutes and then she ran the ending quarter mile or so with him. The race featured several stations to get "colored Rad" so by the end colored cornstarch was EVERYWHERE. Thomas and Ayiana loved it, my lungs for the little bit I breathed in did not lol. Anyhow, here are some of the pictures from the race. 

Ayiana finally got her bib number, kids under 7 ran free but they originally
didn't give Thomas a bib to put on her... 

The massive crowd waiting to start, three wave of runners, Thomas and Ayiana where in the second one
It's like Where's Waldo! Can you spot Ayiana's little legs on the left?

Waiting for Dad to come closer to the finish line, Liam found watching the people run by quite amusing! 
A mighty big hill at the end for Ayiana to run up, she made it!
the ending "blue haze"... cough cough... and you betcha   BLUE BOOGERS!
The "Before" and "After" shots!