Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

I was looking up information recently on heart surgeries and how they came about. I found many interesting articles about how the bypass machine we have today was created, the early stages where pretty scary. It hits me every now and then how Liam is a happy thriving kid, but if he had been born when I was would have only had maybe a 50% chance of life, and if he had been born when his grandparents where in the 50's, he likely would not be alive today. The first pediatric heart surgeries started around 1953, and were not very sucessful, they where very much still doing trails. Which meant some families children died so that future patients had a do you thank a family for that? When I am having a struggling day I try to remember things like the above, it gets me through, but for Mother's Day I wrote a poem, it's slightly darker then what I was trying for, but Mother's Day is not all pretty flowers and chocolates so here it is:

Celebrating All Precious One's

Have you seen her standing there
The one who never takes a chair
This mother gets little breaks
At best a walk to the gate
She had the baby born small or
The one that stumps everyone,
Docotors and all
She is not the one who
Gets a handwritten card
By her kid,
Breakfast in bed
She is the one in love with her
Little one just the same
Happy just to have one more day
Never forgetting friends babies
Who could not stay
Always celebrating
Mother's Day.

Happy Mother's Day to all women who look after children, your own or someone else's (no matter what their age too!) or look up to heaven to see your angels wings.