Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day

Fresno Memorial Gardens, Memorial Day Ceremony
For the past 4 years we went down to Santa Maria, CA to an annual reunion with my husbands former National Guard Unit, this year due to some family life changes (of the couple who usually ran the show) it did not happen. Thomas was sad that he would not be seeing many of his friends from that time this year, it was always something he looked forward to, perhaps next year we can make something happen. This year we went out to Fresno Memorial Gardens, they put on a very nice memorial ceremony for all the fallen solider's. One of Thomas's co-workers was the honored living solider this year, so he took loads of photo's at the event. I will post a few from below. The event was to start at 11, but did not until 11:15 and we left even before it ended at 12:30, but the kids did wonderfully well. Of course that was with me pulling spare papers of random finds out of my purse to fold paper air planes, and Ayiana searching around head stones for potato bugs (AKA, rolly pollies) but we had no big fits of any kind and they where starving by he end, so I consider that a successful outing. Then this afternoon ALL had a rest (YES, all of US....I can count on one hand how many times that has happened in the afternoon, so that was a double hitter for the day!)

Liam and I
Ayiana, remembering the solider's who died so we can be free

To all the soldiers who have/are served/ing we Thank you. Today, Memorial day,  we take the day to honor those who gave the ultimate sacrifice to defend our freedom. There are a few I know of on a personal level, but the death of one left a very hard impact, that is SST David Perry, who Thomas served with in Iraq, he passed away on August 12, 2003 (also mine and Thomas's 3rd wedding anniversary). I think of his children often as they where so little when he died, may God Bless them.

This picture was taken at Camp San Luis Jan 23, 2003, right as the unit left towards  Fort Lewis, then onward to Iraq.