Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Seniortitis for Mommies?

In high school when Seniors reach the very end of the year it was called "Senioritis" in other words the students stop working as hard and start playing more! I think there must be a mommy version of that, because I can not wait for summer! Then of course it hits that even during summer we are already full of occupational therapy appointments for Liam, and oh yes, a HIDA scan the very first day of summer vacation. The HIDA scan a specific type of x-ray scan where a nurse placed an IV with radioactive isotope in the vein and then they take medical images to watch this go through the Liver and Gallbladder....sounds fun for a 3 year old right? RIGHT!!!! I would not worry so much except when Liam went off the medication for his Gallstone his digestive system went pretty well nuts so there is something more going on so I agree to do these tests with my poor baby, sigh. Of course the doctor I spoke with yesterday to talk about how still Liam would need to be for up to 2 hours was hilarious, I told him a little about Liam and my concerns. He asked which doctor order it and said "oh he is just testing our skills lately, this sounds like the ongoing saga of very interesting tests we have been doing lately" I thought "oh boy, yey for us!" lol but we where both laughing and he said max was one hour and likely more around 30 minutes. Well we can handle that (I hope, that was the length of his last ultrasound, of coursr it did not start by getting hooked up to sn IV....)
Last night Ayiana had her dance recital and it was cute for the girls, they were excited to have their grandparents watching them. Of course Liam was pretty good, sitting outside with me and the IPAD, until the last 10 minutes, that's when he deceided it was HIS turn and started to throw a major fit, the screaming on our video is lovely. Today is Thomas's birthday, so as promised to Ayiana we are going to John's Incredible Pizza, here is hoping for a fun time for all, pictures to follow!