Thursday, May 10, 2012

I will not be frustrated

The title has been my morning montra today! 2 weeks ago I called in the get Liam's prescription refilled for a medicine to help his Gallstone disolve. This is a slow acting med and he has been on it for 8 months, treatment with it generally can go up to 2 years and it has little side effects. I did not realize when we found Liam's gallstone back in August that is what had been waking him at night, but within 3 weeks of starting the medication he slept through the night the first time in his LIFE at 33 months old! So you can only imagine my frustration when all the sudden without any conversation of notice to us the doctor deceided Liam "no longer needed it" ... Huh? Thankfully the doctor called me and I plead my case as to what it has done to help Liam, and he said okay we need more blood work and another abdominal ultrasound but he agreed to refill for 3 months and re-evaluate at that time. That sounds like a better plan, except he had already been off it one week, the nurse from the office called in the rerfill on Friday the 4th. I made it over to pick it up Tuesday to be told "oh we do not have any on file" ...sigh, called the nurse yesterday. Knowing it was NOT her because she has never let me down but the pharmacy certainly is poor to follow up (and brlieve you me, if there was another compounding pharmacy close then we should certainly change), anyhow the nurse recalls for me and calls me back to say she did so and it should be ready shortly. I call first thing this morning to check obviously wanting to go pick it up....then pharmacist informs me that they are unsure on the dosage because they are showing 10x the amount so they will double check with the doctor and get back to me....AHHH. Poor Liam has now been without for 13 days and it takes up to 3 weeks to ramp this med back up! So frustrating, I am having to give him Motrin for belly pains, especially at night so he will actually sleep, and he is a poopasauras NOT okay! He is down a pound from a month ago, thanks in part to a virus we all shared last weekend and then there is this issue....sigh, so I will repeat today many times "I will not GET frustrated, I will not BE frustrated."