Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Thomas's Birthday

So for Thomas's birthday we did a few fun things, the first thing was silly string. Ayiana thought that this was very funny and she giggled and giggled the whole time, Thomas was a good sport; unfortunately, all I took was video and that takes forever to load so I can not share the magic of the moment. You can imagine the wonder Ayiana had at the stuff! The second thing we did was place 4 candles (three on one side, one on the other for our "31") in a milkshake and we sang Happy Birthday! After the afternoon had passed by, we went to John's Incredible Pizza. We had promised Ayiana for some time that we would go, so with it being Thomas's birthday that meant one free meal for him, and we had a few credits off for Liam's making it a fairly inexpensive way to celebrate. Of course I felt bad during dinner because when we go Thomas ends up being more of a runner to the buffet for me and the kids but oh well. After eating we went over to the play area, started out at the Cars that move around. Liam actually sat in one cab with Ayiana, since he is still one inch to short to ride without an adult I had to accompany in the back lol.

First time Liam actually enjoyed the ride, although when it stopped he did still quickly get out!

Ayiana and I then rode the Twister ride, which she loves, and Liam loves just watching the things spin around. Thomas tried for some pictures but it goes pretty fast so they where pretty well blurry.

We did however, go bowling next. Ayiana, Liam, and Thomas stating "It's my birthday so I'm bowling," played. Liam needed no instructions after watching Ayiana he picked up the balls and started rolling them down the lane....and I have to say he's got some good talent for it! See below:

She's so cute (not that I'm bias or anything)

Okay, this is what sissy did, so here I go...
Right down the middle! Okay a little left but with no help! I was so excited to see him
just picked um up and start on his own!

Then Ayiana wanted to play a game, so with Daddies instructions, she sprayed water into lit up spots. Before we knew it Liam was up there ready for his turn too! Usually he spins around at John's and has so much awe of the lights he does not participate actively in anything, so it was a very nice surprise to see him watching and taking in everything!

Thomas, Ayiana, and Liam cleaning "stinky feet" lol

Liam was trying so hard, look at that attentive face!

We went next to this machine where you sit and the seats move, fans blow in your face, and music plays while it appears that you are on a roller coaster. I sat Liam on my lap, Ayiana was in the seat next to me. Liam LOVED this, so much so that even after it was over he climbed back up hoping for more.....

Then it was off to get a small toy for the tokens earned, Ayiana got a set of chattering teeth, Liam a water tube thingy with little balls that move inside it. 

So lets see, the kids got dinner at there choosing, sprayed dad with silly string, played games on his behalf, and yes got a present too! Funny how life changes on birthdays when you get older! In my defense I am buying him a table saw, but it won't be in until tomorrow but I did show him a picture of it!