Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Messy is Mostly Fun

On Mother's Day afternoon, the kids played outside for a bit. The kiddie pool becomes mainly a swamp as Ayiana loves to add dirt to it, and Liam just enjoys taking the hose in and out of it, but after a time they needed to go to the shade for a while.... and that's when mud play begins! But I got to sit back and watch while they played, here is the result:

Nothing says fun, like a good mud scrub.... at least someone had a SPA treatment today, hahahaha

The only action I had to do from my lounge chair was to throw the ball for Bella, she smiles so pretty for me, its hard to say no:

Then tonight, I finally came to the conclusion, I am either a glutton for punishment or I just don't mind a mess lol. When Ayiana was ill, Thomas had bought this parfait stuff with strawberry jello and some non-dairy whip cream in it. I do not eat that sort of thing (I can not stand the taste of it!) and on top of that Thomas said it was not very good. So we decided instead of throwing it out to let the kids sink there fingers into it. Much to my surprise it also became desert for them after dinner tonight.... and provided much laughs for us, minus the clean-up!

I originally opened the container and set it on Liam's tray, and he was a good boy and just took out a little and ate a little bit at a time! I was SHOCKED to say the least, as he usually loves to sink his hands that sort of thing, but he actually didn't this time! This is one of the first pictures after I dumped the rest out on his tray and he realized I was letting them play with it! hehehe, I am sure that this will be to much horror to some parents, but I think we only live once, and the bath is just down the hall! I am also not so sure he will be a good boy and only eat small portions the next time, oh well, two steps forward- one step back.

After he got over his surprise that mom was letting them, I think the picture below shows his approval :)

Now with all the cleaning I had to do, I think I'll be like O'Malley and do some of this!