Monday, July 2, 2012

Monday morning madness

So Thomas got home Monday morning and all started out as a typical morning. I deceided to go to Walgreens to pick up his prescription and a few other odd items. As I head out the door I hit the button to open the garage and water flows out...sigh, once again the sink the washing machine drains into has over flowed, I reach in unplug it from the cloth that fell in and proceed to the store. Walgreens is very busy, well at least the pharmacy, I get home in 15 minutes or so. I am met by a very tickled Thomas at a response he created for Facebook, I'll let you read there if you know him...anyhow, he is now pretty sure that Batman is his name lol, meanwhile Liam thinks he could be an extra on the movie Magic Mike. I think Liam is saying, "Mom says that all the women are gaga about "Magic Mike," but since she has Batman at home she finds no need to watch other men strip," lol, anyhow....Liam has stripped his diaper off, he has on a longer shirt so Thomas did not even notice. I walk in and ask him where he left it...not really expecting that he would actually go get it for me, but he did twirling it around at me. Smile, yeah... that's not just pee, thankfully the poop stays in the diaper and I find the pee puddle on the floor (we also have wood floor so that was a quick clean up). I remind Liam to go to use the potty saying "no pee pee on the floor only in the potty." He leads me into the bathroom and sits on his potty chair, practicing getting on and off it, okay- GREAT maybe we are making more headway with the potty trainning thing then I original gave him credit for. I go and rotate laundry after that, my shadow (aka Liam) follows me into the garage. I am loading laundry, then turn around and Da-Dah! Where is Liam? Oh that's right he LOVES anywhere liquid is, so he is belly down with a nude butt, on the garage floor....ewwww.

 I can only laugh at this point, I mean this is all within 15 minutes of me walking back in the door, and it's just now 10 will certainly be one of those "just roll with it" kind of days. Liam was pretty silly after all that. That's usually when the rainbow comes out of the clouds. This time thst equalled Liam actually looking at the camera with smiles on, mischievous ones, but we rarely get eye contact at all so we'll take the messes for those smiles!

Other funnies, I figured out why O'Malley likes our house so well, or at least hasn't ran away from us yet lol. Its wood flooring, no its the kitchen, never mind just O'Malley in camouflage.

I threw the ball for Bella a few times while Liam was in the garage puddle....she's an easy shot for pictures :) I think that this one could be some sort of charcature talking head though!