Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Up and Down

Ever have one of those days with extreme highs and lows, well today that kind of day for me. Started off fairly uneventful, I had butterfly's in my belly before noon, Liam had an appointment with a developmental pediatrician at 12:30. This was "it," a big meeting to watch Liam play and talk about his behaviors including lack of speech and hopefully get more services for him. And much like anticipated Liam was diagnosed with Autism, why did it take so long and so many people watching him to see something that I had long thought? Well, there is a lot of politics in it, and no set "standard" test, it isn't a blood test that comes back positive or negative so over the years we have had teachers so "no way" because he learns something new and seems to relate, and others say "yes, I don't diagnose but I wouldn't doubt"... thankfully our Genetics doctor got us the referral to this doctor. Now for the big things, getting therapies and a educationally enriched room for him to grow in communication not just learning abc and 123. That might seem simple, but I assure you it isn't. We now have to hope the insurance accepts this doctors diagnosis for the therapy, yep that's right they can still question it as can the school district. They can both require additional testing too, seems like a pretty successful doctor with ties even to the MIND institute at UC Davis would be well enough to agree with.... we'll see what evolves in the next few months, for now I'm feeling at least vindicated. I was able to go to a introductions class tonight at Fresno State to join and adult band. Clearly I was the youngest in the room, that doesn't bother me, I just really need to be able to play music with a group once a week...I have always called music my therapy :) It really is relaxing and helps me to focus better and continue to manage life as crazy as it is. That meeting was great, talked with some really nice people and look forward to playing my Trombone (they had flutes no Trombones so back to the horn section I shall go). Of course I was relaxed until I reached my car and wa-la.... I got a ticket! I was so mad, I bought a day use ticket, plopped it on my dash and went into the room! Come to find out I parked on the "faculty" side of the lot, of course there is nothing saying "faculty" just some yellow lines instead of white... I AM NOT A STUDENT THERE (and this class is a no credit, no admission class as well!), how in the world would I have known that! So I will be writing a kindly letter tomorrow explaining what occurred, we'll see how "just" there system is, I really had no idea and that stinker ticket is $50, I PAID the $3 fee for parking darn it! Get home to a house with one sleeping baby (Liam) and one crying in her room (I will spare the details)... sigh, and so ends the day at the McCarty house.