Wednesday, July 18, 2012


This year Thomas and I decided to go "traditional" camping. We went to a campground I also went to when I was little, the actual last time I went family camping at 12 years old... ironically we ended up with the same exact site. It is at the end of the row, right where the creek wraps around, everyone goes there during the day to fish and swim, so people do pass through the site but its beautiful! We had a good time, did everything and saw the things I consider "true" camping: Smores at night, stars so bright, birds in flight (yes, bats!), and wood peckers sounding out a song all morning long!  Well without further ado here are the pictures!

Liam and I, he actual picked up the camera said "cam" and wanted to have pictures taken , that's a first... LOVE!

I love this little boy! He has a very dirty shirt on from "swimming in the dirt"....and yes I mean full body laying in it, throwing up on his head the works! 

Every night Thomas and Ayiana would walk down to the creek and read "The Hobbit" 

Thomas and Ayiana went on a few hikes together,  She absolutely loved camping. She even met a little girl just a year younger. They played for several hours yesterday in the creek with the older sister (10). Today when we left we swapped addresses so hopefully Ayiana can be pin pals with her!
I can tell by both of there faces they are "content"... Thomas is such a wonderful father, I told him though that my mind took this picture and flashed it 12 years ahead and it would be some "other" guy might be in that same spot with her..... I don't think he liked that idea to much!

Creek water is.....COLD, if you can't tell by Thomas's expression here! Of course he was MUCH braver then I, the biggest body part of mine to go in was my feet, and no not any higher then the ankle!

All of us, Bella did not prefer camping... she did actually get in the creek some which is surprising as she hates water, but she was cold at night and wouldn't stay under the blanket. She was ready to be home today for sure!

Our nightly bat in flight, he went over our site both nights for about 30 minutes or so, first night he brought back 10 or so friends too and they flew pretty low by some outlining trees. Needless to say there where less mosquito's to eat us (Thomas got 2 bites, me 1, kiddos 0) thank you bat friends!

Mid day break, they went in the tent and laid next to each other and played with Ayiana's game, its a touch screen and she let Liam have turns too. It was very sweet to watch!

Liam LOVED every bit of camping!

Funny how we got a picture of Ayiana's dirty face when Liam was really dirty more then her!

Father-Daughter down fishing in the creek. Some people caught some fish but most went away empty handed.... that was us, no bites, but good quality time!
Thomas reading, kids splashing in the creek. There was much rock skipping too!

Star painted night sky!