Sunday, July 8, 2012

Clay and shapes

Liam in the play place
Today after church, we came home, Thomas got home after we did.... this meant he had a REALLY long night shift plus many hours of overtime. In effort to keep the house quiet so that he would get at least 7 hours sleep prior to his shift tonight I took the kiddos to McDonald's to play some. Ayiana met and played with several other kiddos, Liam climbed some, watched many kids, and clapped LOTS. This is a big improvement to his usual excited behavior of chest pounding, and I was so glad to see that all the redirection of clapping and saying YEY, is finally catching on. Its easier for other people to understand clapping hands = happy kid, then pounding of the chest.

We got home and watched a few Little Einsteins and the kids played in and out of the living room. Little Einsteins was always a favorite of Ayiana's and now brother has finally started watching them, he pats his lap with them and answers questions from time to time...both also new skills in the last month... which has also trickled over into real life for us. He will say "yah" for yes and shake his head "no" when we ask him questions, really that may seem like something so simple but for us it has been anything but so we are pretty happy. Ayiana started out at the kitchen table playing play dough, Liam pretty quickly figured that out but there was only one small play-dough container left so he grabbed the bag of clay. So we played, by that I really mean all 3 of us. (it is still a must to sit with him, he is fast to eat it if we aren't one of our worker friends at church found out today :)

Liam takes rolling snakes, and making it into a long one pretty seriously!

Ayiana busily making her butterfly

Ayiana has such an eye for details, I love the way she made the antennae!

My art roll of multi colored clay plus photo editing = some sort of odd art ?

After clay play was exhausted, (note also a quiet activity), the kids went outside and played in the water. Which in our house always means when the kids came in it was straight to the bath tub! On the way there, I found this on Liam's floor....

I asked Ayiana if she had been playing there, I mean I have seen Liam put the circle in its spot before but never any other shapes... we have played with shape sorters for 2 years now with little success, but guess what... HE did this! I was SOOOO excited. After bath I gave him the triangle and asked if he would do that one for me too, and he did it! High-5's and a lot of hoopla followed it too! Liam will not put the shapes in if it falls into a bucket (I think this is a vision thing) but on the floor with just the lid he can do it! It really is a special gift that I get every now and then when I find something like this he has done (with no prompting, no one else looking), I really think he knows and leaves it for me to find too! As his mom, I know that it took a lot of work for him to learn the skill...I just LOVE these little gifts he leaves! 

Next up, Ayiana finished swim lessons so its on to Vacation Bible School this week, she is so excited I am really hoping she has a good time!