Thursday, July 5, 2012

A Fun Fourth

Thomas took some pretty cool shots, this one is my favorite!

Yesterday we went down to my Grandparents house, it is always fun to have 4 generations under one roof, I feel blessed to still have a set of grandparents, Ayiana and Liam, have 3 sets of Great Grandparents! We ate, which of course included the one food I completely associate with the 4th of July!


The kids played and enjoyed the time too, although it is hard to get them to actually sit and eat! Liam calls my grandparents 5th wheel their "Bus" and gets between it and the snowmobiles and "drives it"... lol,

 He also chased down one uncle because he had a mustache, he LOVES hair, this was after "petting" one of my cousins arm hairs, silly boy! Of course if that wasn't funny enough for the family, Ayiana also tried to start a conversation with this question, "Who can Fart on Demand?" Oh my.... Thomas quickly tells her that that is inappropriate... I on the other hand, laughed so hard I cried. Where did she come up with that line from? I guess we better learn some better conversation starters for her, and I probably should start taking along Liam's sensory toys so he doesn't "pet" people, or walk around holding leafs and making my mom pluck all the pretty flowers off the Crape Myrtle tree so he can feel them!

After getting dark, we went out for just a few fireworks. Thomas, like last year, had wanted to see a bigger show in the air, but the Fair grounds there didn't have there's this year and we didn't realize that the festival close to Fresno was the 3rd this year so..... just like last year we just did a few in the street. Next year we will try to go up somewhere like Bass Lake to see a show, Thomas is dying for the kids to see "real" fireworks!

(left to right) Mom, Dad, Liam, Me, and Ayiana
(Thomas was taking picture across the street from us)