Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A quick one

When Liam talks it is often more high pitched then I can register...sometimes being in another room I actually understand more. Some days it's easy to forget how much he understands because he does not always respond back....but this morning amongst oddly articulated high pitched and ran together words we had this conversation:

ME: Liam where did you sleep last night, in bed or on the floor? ( I found him on the rug and was changing his diaper)

LIAM: Eyelearndaoneday, translation: I learned that one day... (but remember this is high pitched and all ran together, anyhow you can also insert jaw drop and mommy shocked look here)

ME: But did you sleep in the bed or floor?

LIAM: Bea( translate: bed)

ME: Oh good, ready to eat breakfast

LIAM: ...signs eat

End conversation

I figure he is talking about learning how to get in and out of his bed, proudly telling me he learned how to do it "one day" lol... A full conversation first thing this morning was a treat, come on speech!