Saturday, July 28, 2012

Fun, the cheap way!

So, I have come to the conclusion that I am certain most parents will agree with.... someday's the "cheap" toys are the best! This has occurred with great frequency at the McCarty household this last week. I bought Ayiana 2 small science kits for her birthday, the cheaper of the two costing under $10 has 7 toys to make using "recycled" material. So Thomas and Ayiana made 2 of them, one used an old CD to make a spinner, it was cool but didn't catch on all that much.... then the second they made was a HUGE hit. This was taking 2 2-liter bottles with a plastic adapter in middle to make it so the water if turned directly over would not flow into the bottle below it; however, if swirled would make a great whirl-pool and go down. Here is a picture from that, both kids thoroughly enjoyed this and played with it for an hour, today Liam tried to take my moms water bottle and ask for "whur" today too! haha...

Then, to add to the magic of fun toys that are cheap, Thomas made paper planes, glider ones... I am not good at making paper anythings, I have one plane I can make for them and that's all. Thomas's planes provide to be much more exciting to play with and the kids played on-and-off with them for 2 DAYS!

Lastly, Liam picked up something that every kid known to man must do with their parents shoes. I consider it sort of a "milestone" in development but one that doctors don't add to the lists. Liam was actually able to walk in his dads big ole' boat shoes this week, and without falling!

I should add, Liam got the shoes all by himself, on and stood up walking around in them! Doesn't it look like its "no big deal" to him! HA