Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Happy 6th Birthday Ayiana

Yesterday was a very special day, Ayiana turned 6! Some birthdays have gone by and we celebrate and move on the next day, I don't know why 6 has been hard for me, but it has. Perhaps I feel that at 6 she is no longer "little"...which in my experience over the last few months says that she does not need moms help much, she wants to be the helper still (which is nice) but she can find her own snacks, take baths, eat, change, and play without any help from mom. This is quite the opposite of Liam so maybe that's why its harder. She helps with his needs now, I am trying to be diligent that she doesn't over do that. I don't want her to resent her brother in later life, we implemented a "mommy-Ayiana" time after dinner for that sake. She wasn't wanting to eat, after some conversations, we determined mom time was in order. So after I clean up from dinner I spend at least 20 minutes playing with her, and only her no interruptions! The other night, she wanted to play a game of tag.... here we are!

yep, getting a run in was part of the deal!

Ayiana lying in wait for me to come around the corner!

Yesterday morning I was moving around too... if anything Ayiana keeps us very active, not to many sedentary activities with her (less the occasionally movie night!). We went to Pump-It-Up yesterday morning to start off her birthday, it was pop in playtime, so we told her we would do that just the 4 of us.  Needless to say Ayiana had a GREAT time, Liam did to, and Thomas walked out the door saying "that was a lot of fun!"  When we got home Thomas and I cleaned feverishly during the afternoon for her small family party in the evening. I made her cake, this is the one she choose from the cupcake cake pictures I found online, I think it turned out cute

This was her cake this year, it really was fun to make!

Then the main event at birthday parties for the child of the hour... PRESENTS

Bambi figurines

The much requested Harmonic, her dad can thank me later (shh he's a day sleeper)

Sparkling shirts, and beautiful wings, she felt like a princess indeed!

Last night as I tucked her in, I asked if she had a good day. She said yes, adding in that tomorrow....she will have a WHOLE lot of time to wait until her next birthday. HAHA, I told her she was lucky because Christmas is in between :)