Sunday, August 5, 2012

Photo bomb!

Well the title says it all, these are the photos I never blogged about but where taken in July. We have 2 camera's and so this one hadn't been unloaded in a while, it is small and lives in my purse. So I cleared the card today and the below go through some of the events in July, mostly when we went bowling...which Liam had a major melt down at, then recovered by the end and we got some good pictures after all. 

Ayiana's block creation. I have been rotating toys  for a few months just leaving out 1/3 of what we have and it is AMAZING how much more creative kids are when they have LESS to play with. I was impressed by her ability to create this with nothing...heck I wouldn't have even thought to come up with it!

Right down the center!

"Granny" style lol, or at least that's what we use to call it growing up!

I thought that little bowling shoes where really cute, last time we went they didn't have shoes Liam's size, but this one did!
Happy Guys, they did it!
Cats lay so weird sometimes!

Ayiana had her first sleep over at my moms, so Thomas and I took Liam to Panera Bread Co. for dinner, he felt like a little king! haha

Dollar store has these plastic pieces which are suppose to "Glow in the Dark", I find they are WONDERFUL for the light box!
Light box play time!

They LOVE mud play!

She wanted to go out just like this! Thankfully "Its too hot" is a valid excuse when it  is summer....

Playing in the tunnel that goes to her Tinkerbell Tent!

Happy siblings at play.