Saturday, August 11, 2012

Days 2 and 3 Disney pictures

I will keep the dialogue here short because I have so many pictures to load, last post shows day 1, here we have days 2 and 3...although not in the best order.  We had such a good time!

Ayiana at our character breakfast (Ariel's Grotto)

Alice and Wonderland... Ayiana and mom in the back, my Dad in the front lol, Go Grandpa Go

We made it to Carsland Liam!

Liam trying to get some explosives 

All of us disembarking the Rockets, Ayiana, Thomas, Liam, and Me

On the train, Ayiana held Liam half way around, I think he enjoyed the hugs from sister

Ayiana and Belle at the Character Breakfast

Ayiana and everyone knows this guys name!

Ayiana and Pooh Bear

Ayiana and Snow White at the Character Breakfast

Ayiana and Thomas, they had Thursday afternoon just the two of them. My mom, dad, Liam, and I all went to Walmart
to get some medicine for Liam's ear (he got an ear infection).  

Ayiana and I on the bumper cars

Ayiana liked her cake, we called this her Birthday Cake since this trip was also
celebrating her birthday (2 weeks late). This cake had gold sprinkled on the top it was beautiful!

Ayiana with the "ears" she choose

Thomas wanted to get Ayiana a "real" crown, so on our date night we went shopping too :) 

Ayiana found some treasure on the island

Liam liked the bumper cars

Dad was a little "competitive" on them!

Fantasmic, the night show followed by the fireworks... very cool!

Fireman Liam

This really is a happy place!

Liam took a nap on me, day 2. All I had to do was keep his ears covered some, rock, and hum lol

Liam has ears, its a Mater, no its a Goofy...oh wait, its mickey, nope nope, it's all-in-one!

In front of the castle

He loves his water fountains!

Me and my mom, my dads back there too.

My Johnny Depp

Our one character attempt with Liam...he could care less about them, was more interested in his hat

Liam watching the parade

Double piggy-back to watch the parade, my dad in the middle...guess who is taking this picture lol Grandma who hates
being in them anyways :-)

Thomas is a bit silly sometimes!

So it shouldn't surprise that Ayiana can be too!

Star Tours, Ayiana thought it would be boring to start
she changed her tune after the ride though!

Ayiana breaking out of Jail haha

Thomas and I on our "date" 

Thomas and Liam on the train

Yep, he has a ball and chain....still

ummm... hot dog!

Yep, more water...they got soaked by playing
with this one, the water came down the pillar
but it was so hot outside it was quite