Saturday, August 11, 2012

Our big vacation!

Last Monday we took off for our vacation, we saved all our birthday monies (except for a few small gifts for the kiddos) and went to Disneyland. We were in the parks for 3 days (tue, wed, thu) and I don't know even where to start beyond that.... so much to do, see, experience. I hadn't been to Disneyland since I was 18 for sober grad and only remember going on 2 rides then, it was super fast and we only got like 4 hours in the park. Prior to that I was 12, Thomas only remembers one trip and he thinks he was around 6-7.... none of us had been to California Adventure. Our tickets were good for both places, and we did go on a few rides in CA but most required a height of 40 inches or more, since Liam is not quite 36 we stayed on the Disney side most of the time. Each night we took turns of who stayed up late, the first night my parents did, the kiddos both took naps the second day and so we all did with them on that night. Watched the night shows, Fantasmic, and Fireworks...then walked right onto 3 rides back-to-back (Haunted Mansion, Pirates, and Jungle Cruise, cuz' you know those are good for kids before bedtime right?.... BTW Liam was giggling during all of them, and it was Ayiana's idea to go BACK to the haunted mansion) yep, I let the kiddos stay up until a little past 11 at night (hehe) totally NOT a normally thing for my kids. But this is Disneyland and we figure only every 4 years or so (at the most) can we afford to go back. The last night Thomas and I stayed out late, (THANK YOU MOM AND DAD for watching and caring for the kiddos so we could!) we called it our Anniversary in Disneyland lol. We will be married for 12 years tomorrow so it was only a few days off. We went to dinner at the Blue Bayou (which was fantastic!), then attempted to ride Indiana Jones.... until it broke :( so we rode Space Mountain on the fast pass we had, then again on the pass we where given for the Indie ride breaking.  Funny thing was that Ayiana, Mom, and I had gone on splash mountain earlier, it was suppose to be "girls versus guys" to see who stayed the most "dry". Well after we went, (Thomas, Liam, and Dad rode Winnie the Pooh 3 x's while waiting for us lol), then Dad and Thomas went (Liam is too little still).... but then Splash Mountain broke down too! So by default the guys obviously won that one! Anyhow, we figure between Indie, Splash, and a Ferris Wheel ride from Wednesday standing in lines with Thomas is more risky then the average person for actually getting to ride the attraction!

Favorite rides

Ayiana - Splash mountain, followed by Matterhorn (which was the 1st ride we went on per her request)

Liam - Whinnie the Pooh, rode 5x's, and he would have just kept on running back lol

Me- It's a Small World, not just the ride itself but the cool air was very refreshing...oh and the non-line each time was a major plus too!

Thomas- Space Mountain, he was very happy we had back-to-back rides in less then an hour, it was also the last rides for us at the park...a good way to end the trip!

Here are pictures from our first day there, my camera battery died so then we used my moms, I will post from days 2 and 3 later. 

Ayiana and Tinkerbell

The big tree house

My mom and dad on the big paddle boat

Liam fell asleep the first day in the stroller, when he woke up  we watched Thomas, Ayiana, Grandma, and Grandpa dock  on the steam boat!
Thomas wants to know if anyone has a spare $10,000 to give him to join Club 33?
Ayiana was in wonderment on the fairy tail boats
Liam clapping for the train going by, we where on the fairy tail boats
In the Castle
Thomas and Liam on the Casey Train
We made it!

Ayiana riding on the Carousel
Just Dad, waiting patiently for us on the Carousel ride
Front sides of Ayiana and I right after splash mountain. She wanted the front seat (yes, she is a dare devil!) 2 seems to  be the wettest and well...that's where I was!
My dad and Thomas found my backside wetness humorous and laughed for quite some time afterwards

On Finding Nemo, longest line we waited it (about 45 minutes). We had a guest assistance pass for Liam but didn't use it AT ALL...he was SO GOOD in lines for the most part! Heck my mom got a bruise from some little kid Karate chopping in line (he was playing but still) and Thomas was ran into by 2 little boys on the backside about 100 times while we waited for the train roller coaster so I think my children where great considering lol

Ayiana trying to get the sword out of the stone! 
Just off the Matter horn, Thomas was calling to track Liam and Grandma down, no lines at the tea cups so Ayiana and I took a ride! Hindsight should have taken Liam on them later on too...oh well something new for him to ride on next time. 

Went out to the island there, I think Thomas was missing climbing lol

And days 2 and 3 to come, including a character dinning where Ayiana was in "happy tears" and much much more :)