Monday, August 13, 2012

Mentos and Soda, and a wah-wah-wa (Charlie Brown's teacher style) medical update

So my dad had given us a case of soda's, they must have been a give away where he worked for "quailty control issues" because they did not taste right and expired about 2 weeks later anyhow...but fret not, what is better than drinking it? That's right, playing with it! Thomas swung by the store earlier on his way home from errands and remembered so Mentos what did we do in the heat of the day, yep made a bubbly party in the backyard!

The first bottle, Ayiana thought it was hilarious!
I think they had fun!

Liam saying, "Would ya look at that!"

Everyone in Action!

Stand back everyone!

"Is that how you do that Dad?" 

Here's the yada yada, blaa blaa blaa medical updates which I am sure half will skip...don't worry I won't blame you, lol!

We got Liam's genetics results back as well last week, I called and spoke to the genetics counselor today as I always have additional questions. All of his tests came back in normal range, negative for cholesterol disorders (YEY, he is totally in the normal ranges...better then Thomas and I who both run abnormally low). The only "new" find was 1 gene which is in the range on the 18th chromosome previously found, this gene has very little known, I could barely find it in some of the referencing sites I use...and they are medically based lists of genes, one site even had "new" big at the top lol...I guess maybe its new with us haha. Anyhow,  I am relieved that at least all of his blood work came back "good" at least it is unlikely that this is something metabolic in cells and once again we go back to the idea that his development and medical needs are indeed what we originally found with the partial duplication on chromosome 18. The other call I made today was to check on when he will see the developmental peditrician, I was told they would call back within the week to schedule our appointment and that the wait time isn't too long since they just switched doctors, so hopefully we see that doctor by October...and hopefully she can glean some information on behaviors and educational approaches for Liam. Next Monday both kiddos will start the school year off, I can not believe how incredibly fast the summer went by.....