Monday, August 27, 2012

Finally Friday!

So obviously I didn't post this on Friday, truthfully I meant to take and add pictures, it's more fun with them...then the weekend celebration occurred and's Monday, no pictures if the heart pin that even this morning is back on her shirt or anything else....maybe later, off to feed Liam lunch!

The end of the first week of school is today, in some ways the week went by others slower. Ayiana had a very hard adjustment going from half days to full days, she expressed this through tears on 2 different nights, and 3 mornings. This morning though, knowing it was "fun Friday" at school followed by knowing she has Saturday and Sunday off seemed to help. On Tuesday morning I took out a little heart pin I had from my jewelry box and put it on her, told her is she missed me to look at the heart I gave her, she has worn it everyday this week...I guess that helped keep away some of her blues. I learned on Tuesday just how much more I can clean the house in one hour with no one else home...I think the only one confused was Bella, she followed me around everywhere but stayed out of the way! Wednesday afternoons are now lunch date days for Thomas and I and that was nice, ome quiet meal for us to have adult conversation at will be nice! Thursday I will stay with Liam (volunteer in his class) until I go pick up Ayiana at her school and starting in September on Fridays I will be in Ayiana's class from after her lunch to the end of the day, I am looking forward to it, it is there "fun" time and usually when the holiday parties take place too....last year we couldn't swing Fridays so I missed out on that stuff! Liam has been awesome with going to school, I feared repeating his separation issues he originally had when he started preschool, but he definitely remembers everyone and is more then happy to go, I am so thankful! Here is to a great weekend!