Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The last Tuesday..... before school starts!

As promised Thomas and I took Ayiana and Liam to the climbing gym this morning. There is childcare available from 9-11 so we figured we'd go at 10 and get an hour of climbing in. "HA" at least that was Liam's take on the idea, I learned to tie-in and hook-in order to belay Thomas down the wall BUT that was IT. Liam saw us moving around trying to find a route for me to climb after I got "certified" for the day and proceeded to start screaming at the door of the daycare room....at least I learned the ties so Thomas and I can take turns climbing the next time we go, which maybe sooner than previous visits because both kiddies will be in school every afternoon and Thomas does have weekdays off!  We ate lunch and then Liam finally got to play with the last item(s) that we picked up from Disneyland, little plastic jewels, he will be a pirate for Halloween, loved the Pirates ride at Disneyland and will even "argghh" for you if you ask him too! The "jewels" entertained him (and Ayiana) for longer then child care at the gym...lol go figure!

Some Ayiana Cheese!
something so simple...can bring such joy!

So bunny Dad!
All Hands on.... jewels?