Monday, August 20, 2012

First Grader!

So today was, like many across America, the start of a new school year! This year we have new schedules, which actually allow slightly more freedom for mom :) Ayiana is in school from 7:55-2:05 and Liam from 12:15- 2:30...well he could be there as early as 11:30 but that is lunchtime and he doesn't do well in the cafeteria still, since I figure being fed is important I keep him at home to do this and then take him. So today I went grocery shopping between Liam's drop off time and Ayiana's pick-up, Thomas and I also watched an America's Got Talent on Hulu with...NO interruptions, well at least not from the kids, I don't sit for as long as the shows, I have to get up on the breaks but it is limited to commercial breaks only lol. I, of course, took photo's this morning. I told Ayiana to stand in "the spot" same as last year and the what we plan on using until the kids are out of school or we move, whichever comes first. :). She instantly said she wanted Liam to be there with her, yes, she is a considerate sister, so I took a few of both then some of her.  I never did get a single good one of Liam by himself, so I am glad that she took initiative, and I actual got a photo with them BOTH looking at the camera at the same time (last one on the row!)...if you've been around my two kiddos you'll know that is really quite a feat!

Ayiana - first grader; Liam - Pre-Schooler

This was her "pose" 
It always amazing me that she can be this happy, then go to

 This in 0.2 seconds....I am sure teenage years are going to be thrilling... (yes that's sarcasm!)

Yep, mom was up in time without the alarm clock, had to "do" my
hair a little more after I noted my picture! 

I love these two babies of mine!

To Ayiana and Liam,
 May this school year bring you both joy and
happiness, and learning that will help you explore your world,
and perhaps, if I am lucky, you'll teach mommy a few things along
the way! Love you both!