Friday, August 17, 2012

Up at 3:30 AM

Do I look sick to you?

It is always so difficult when kids get sick, last night Ayiana came into the bedroom around 3 am burning hot and complaining of a sore throat. I began dosing her with Tylenol and Motrin, her fever reached to 103.8 during the day, but it wasn't until mid-day that we figured out the cause of her pains and fever. That's because Liam began having more symptoms. He had been lying round in his bed and room floor throughout the day, but by afternoon came walking to me down the hall crying and looking like he'd been riding a horse for s long ride, legs spread apart feet barely wanting to contact the ground. I originally thought this was from a diaper rash he had so I picked him up and plobbed him down in some warm bath water...thinking this would help sooth it. Then, I saw what the real cause of the cowboy walk, sores on his feet.

 I called Thomas to look and he logged online to what childhood illness we thought it was, yep....Hand, Foot, and Mouth. Between the two kiddos we had every symptom and Liam's rash was identical to every picture we could find. Ayiana the fever, blisters in her mouth, body aches, and ovall malice.

little blisters all over the back of Ayiana's throat :(

Liam had the poops, blisters on his feet, this small rash on his hands, and also didn't want to move about; although he never ran a high fever as far as I could tell though this did explained his lack of wanting to eat well Tuesday. I think we are actually midway through as it usually last less then 1 week, just sad some that Liam couldn't tell me that he was hurting 2 days prior, when in reality he probably was. On top of that he had gymnastics yesterday so I apologize to all our little friends there that, may end up with the same, oh how those germs spread even when trying to be diligent!

So proud of him, when we started he would latch on to us
so tight when we placed on the beam, now he just uses some hand
support and walks down it!

He is also getting more brave, like on the rings!

 I am hopeful both kiddos will actually gt to start school on Monday. In the mean time, Liam fell fast asleep in my arms yesterday afternoon at 3:30 naturally he was up at 3 am.

he slept on me so hard he left an ear impression on my arm after
I laid him down in his bed lol

 I made him rice-a-roni and chicken at 3 am and he ate and drank well, he is clearly feeling better and the blisters on his feet have already greatly reduced in size.

Since most of that was sad news, I will leave you with another Disneyland shot, which is at least something to smile about :) Don't mind the 2 guys in the back...we have no idea who they are lol