Monday, April 9, 2012


So our Easter was nice, we had church in the morning

Which had ended in an Easter Egg hunt for the kids, best part was when Liam looked up at me and said excitedly to me "I ga cem" translation  "I got some" he was thrilled to put eggs in his little bag!

Before church we had attempted to take a family photo, but that's pretty hard when you have one child that usually won't look into a camera! So that went like this

Notice Thomas's face, I believe that one is the "Oh my goodness, this is NEVER going to work" face . LOL

Well maybe this will work, we could maybe cut the photo in half and have a really nice father-daughter picture!

Last one, best we probably could get with no one behind the camera, Liam wanted NOTHING to do with any of this!

But he did love the morning Easter grass

And both kids liked there baskets

And Ayiana had dictated a note for me to write, so we know that the Easter Bunny as been told "Thank you for the presents"

I hope everyone's Easter was great! One last day off for both kids, then back to the school routine tomorrow.