Sunday, April 22, 2012

Belly Laying

So sometimes Liam lays on his belly suddenly and stiffens his legs back with his toes pointed, I mean his legs are way stiff. Today it final hit me why he does this, and it kind of stings as a mom to finally figure something like this out. He has done this maneuver for well over a year and we just chalked it to him calming himself or making his stomach feel better but it started to really hit me last week. We went to my parents as usual on Saturday and instead of giving my dad a hug he layed in this position next to his chair, I asked Liam if he was upset at Grandpa for coming over last week to our house and leaving....he looked back at me and GlARED with a very "you've got that right look" on his face. Then got up and proceeded to walk to far for my dad to reach him but with a huge very teasing smiling as Grandpa begged, finally he dove in for his hugs. Okay I know he was mad that my dad had left that night but that was a Tuesday and he kept the grudge! I did not think much about it until today. We went to a baby shower at my cousins house, he was busy playing when the host was sharing a few words with the guests. At that moment he tried to pick up a container of cars, lost his balance and all of them spread loudly over the wood floor. I got up to try to get him out of their but was told by a few people, it's okay. Of course I bumped the coffee table in doing that and knocked over all the mini picture frames on the table as party favors....guess I know where he got the clutsiness from....anyhow he layed on his belly. After we were done I went up to him rubbed his back and said it was okay that we knew it was an accident and to keep playing. And unlike his usual contine in the position he did get up and continue playing. It has bothered me all day since, he is doing the belly laying for more then just sensory "calming" reasons.... I thought hard about when he did this in the past week and figured out he does this frequently when we talk about him too, someone will ask me how he is doing and typically this belly laying is what he does! Yes, I do believe this upsets/embaresses him. I have always tried to be sensitive but I think has to go to a whole new level now, like not taking about him in front of him at all! As for our family and friends please remember this, Liam is very aware and even if he can not talk, and seems to "not be listening you"...he is and he gets embarrassed just like any other child he just has no other way to show it. Or sometimes he is upset at your for a reason, think hard enough and we will figure out together!