Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Four monts ago I put Liam on a wait list for a mommy me gym class at Break The Barriers. Yesterday we got a call that there was a opening, he started this morning. Other then having to wait his turn, which he does with very little to no patience he really enjoyed is so going to be a work out for me to, he still requires much help to get in required positions so I walked out sweating lol, oh well I have needed to excersize more anyhow, now it's a forced matter :) Ayiana was very happy when I picked her up to, it was a 2 visit day to the class treasure box so that means she had super duper good behavior in class. She was also very happy to be wearing her new Minnie shirt. Right before Liam was born I had bought her this little outfit and the Minnie shirt sang, when she outgrew it I donated it not thinking much of it...and 3 years later she was still telling us how much she missed her found 1 shirt that had mickie on it but had the same sound button, we ordered that shirt (which happens to fit Liam). When it came in I removed the singing button square and sewed it on a bigger sized Minnie shirt...she could not be happier, I never imagined a 5 year old mourning a shirt but I real think she was, I am guessing it may have been more intense then other things because she wore that so many times when Liam was a newborn and we where stuggling with doctors appointments, surgery etc with him...I think for whatever reason it brings her comfort. Today she took a nap, this is an extremely rare thing for her to and at that slept through every noise...including the leaf blower right outside the livingroom window, I guess maybe she just needed her shirt back :)