Thursday, April 12, 2012

Will it continue?

So today, nearly three months into starting preschool we finally had no crying! We walked from the car to the room, Liam basically throwing his backpack off and me stripping his jacket as he walked away and he went straight to a table with animals that a group of his classmates was at and NEVER looked back. When I went to pick him up everyone told me how exceptionally happy he was today, including his speech teacher who was working with one of his friends during snack time. So I really really hope that this trend continues, for everyone's sake it was easier and he stayed happier the whole day. Of course when we got home he got cranky over a toy Ayiana had and then walked up to me while I was cooking dinner and when I told him I could not play right now he bit me (thankfully not hard) on the leg...making for a timeout for him but that is pretty normal behavior for a kiddo developmentally at a 2 year old level. He did make me laugh when I gave him his nightly med tonight though, when I told him it was time to take it he said "jus a mim" got up from sitting on the floor and then said "now open wide" lol I never say that when I give it to him! But I was surprised by two sentences back-to-back...also a trend I am hoping continues! The only difference between today and another was that the whole morning we where home and working on different skills, more than typical, guess I need to rethink my aron running to only when he is in school or after if he is going to do that much better, perhaps being my aron running buddy is too stressful for him!