Friday, April 13, 2012

On a Roll

So Liam had another good day at school, yey! I'm hopeful it isn't just because of the rain, perhaps he really does not mind being inside a classroom in the rain (he loves being outside but knows he can not go out in the rain!) I guess we will see when it gets sunny next week if we have finally met a good place for school or not :-) When we got home Liam was wanting to sign and do things like a mad man so that was nice as well, of course after reading his "Fire Truck" book 4 times it does get exhausting; however, I'll take it! When dinner time came I asked if he wanted a "roll." He started smacked his mouth and touching his finger to his lips, so that was a yes. I handed it to him, what did he do? Smooched it and "rolled" it up and down his tray.... hahahaha, in his credit he did take bites of it as he was doing this but I guess by definition since that was a "roll" it needed to be "rolled"; maybe next time I'll ask if he wants bread instead!  Since its Friday and I like pictures, I'm posting a few from this weeks activities to enjoy!
Straight backs and point those toes, both things Ayiana did not do when she started in January, she's doing really well progressing in dance class!
Pretzel Ayiana in Dance class Monday, so flexible!

Our little star! She kept zipping by the window with it like a magic wand and saying "zap" or "bipity bobity boo"  lol 

I asked him to look at the camera and this time he actually did! YEY!!! I worked for a while to get all those pieces to loop together but two bridges and a few cross connections and all pieces where used and made full loops!
Playing with his new toy the Easter Bunny bought, its the neatest thing, you turn on the middle circle and the rest you move around into place and they spin. A good toy for teaching about interlocking gears. Ayiana has also told me several times that it is a "really cool" toy!