Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Hut hut hike

It has been so beautiful outside so every morning that is were we have been. The other day Thomas started playing "football" with Liam. Thomas would put out one hand on the ground in the basic lineman position and say "Down forty-two hut hut hike" pick up Liam as if he was the football and race around the yard. It was very funny to Liam and extremely cute to watch, Liam asked to do this over and over, towards the end (before he was tired of holding his head up while being ran around the yard under Thomas's arms) he actually got "in position" with dad and started saying hu hu hi... Lol he tried to say once the forty two part but that was a little challenging for him...we laughed so hard at his hu hu hi though! So awesome for him to be fully engaged in boys play! Sunday night I was in the shower with Liam, for those that do not know Liam, he does not like being fully submersed in water (actually it seems to terrify him some)so he hates baths but is okay in showers...so showers it is! Anyhow, We were sitting in the shower and he looked at me like he was needing something, I asked him "what you need buddy?" and then he leaned in for a hug and just stayed there. Maybe this seems so very small, but for Liam it's HUGE we almost always have to ask for hugs/kisses or just steal them away.... That was the first time I think I have ever seen him look so longingly for a hug, I held him and the tears just came down...it was a joy for him to look straight into my eyes (also a rare thing)...and then respond with wanting to be hugged....and it was simply the most wonderful end to the day.