Sunday, April 1, 2012

Buh u

Ayiana has often told us that she wished Liam could talk, and every birthday she says "I hope by (insert age) Liam can talk, I wish he could say I love you Ayiana.". I keep telling her he will and that he is trying really hard and making clearer words by the day. So this morning we were sitting eatting breakfast and I told him "I love you Liam" and he said what sounded pretty close to "love you" back. I asked Ayiana if she heard him, she said no, so I asked Liam to tell Ayiana "love you" and he paused as usual, we have to wait longer then you would for most responses from people with him but then he said loudly "Buh u" not once but twice...Ayiana was SO excited and she said "Love you Liam" back. I think it made her morning! She is also doing much better, fever is gone and coughing is less so yey for antibotics to help her out. Keeping this Sunday low key and hoping for a restful fun week off from school :)