Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sibling Love

At dinner tonight Ayiana told Thomas and I that she was glad she was a big sister. She said that she thought life would be less exciting without having Liam, especially when we are both busy because she can always play with him...unless he is in school lol. At church Liam got really upset when Ayiana went to her room and I went to take him to the nursery, so I took him to her room for the older kids and stayed with him...this time he did really well. We had tried this 2 previous times and he did not sit well, today he did better. With the exception at story time, during that time when I did the "Shh" (finger at the mouth) he mocked me by blowing out his nose and then thought it was a game to take my finger and put it to my lips and want me to make the sound.... thankfully this was still quiet enough for the other children to hear their story and be overly distracting (but really hard for me not to laugh at as well!). I was happy to see that whatever is happening for him to be better at school also carried over to Sunday School too! I caught a picture of Ayiana and Liam this morning, Ayiana had came into my room said Liam was awake and took off to his room, when I went in I found her in his bed with him.... I think that made his morning, what do you think?