Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Remembering the Postives

So I could talk about loads of negative things that have happened over the last few days, mainly comments and school stuff but I'd rather share the positives....perhaps it will cheer us all up, or at least add a smile to someone's face today. Liam had gymnastics again this morning, he did fairly well, my "how sweet" moment came when the children where sitting in a line taking turns onto the trampoline and after their turn they where to select the next child to go. Well after the first little girl went, I figured it might be a while for Liam to be chosen. He does not yet sit still and wait patiently although I was singing "Monkey's Jumping on the Bed" and that soothed him enough to not have screaming occur or what looks like me wrestling a cat into a bath. But, much to my surprise the little angel picked him to be second!  Then on the way out the gym door, a young man who had Down Syndrome was cleaning, he had saw us on the floor earlier and when we went by him, he stopped Liam and asked for a "high 5". Usually Liam takes a while to give one, its like he has to gear up to get his hands to coordinate the movement, but this time he did it quite quickly and "low 5's" where given as well. I said to say "bye bye friend" and we left to the door, I heard the young man exclaim as we got to them "Man I love my job". I thought that was super nice to hear, that's truly what everyone wants (especially mama's for their children!) and then for him to be happy because he gets to give little ones high 5's just warmed my heart. Oh a lighter note, Liam had only been taking showers for the last couple months. I don't know what ever happened where he did not really like baths anymore but as soon as the water would shut off he would immediately want out. As of last week, we are back to being okay playing and splashing in the tub, woo hoo, mom gets to shower by herself a little more often! Well tonight Liam and Ayiana where in the bath and I was checking on them in-and-out while doing dishes... Ayiana yelled to say Liam had pulled his ear plugs out so I went back in and she said "and they have some sort of yucky green on them" .... sigh, yep those green balls aren't play toys! I had needed to clean the bath anyhow so guess what, that got done today too haha! Liam pooped again when I got him out but it was a solid turd on the floor and he DID NOT play with it... there's a second WOO HOO, given past poop history, I consider that another positive for what otherwise would be considered a shitty day!