Friday, April 6, 2012

Zoo time!

So after a fun morning playing ball (see pictures below!)

We went to the Zoo this afternoon, it was really busy but I thought it was good practice for Disneyland which is scheduled for August. Liam did SO well, it was really exciting for all of us.

First we went to the Elephants, next the monkeys!

Then tigers, and Giraffe's. Here is our newest baby, born yesterday!

Then on to the Seals!
The Photo booth said "broken" but Liam didn't mind!

I still managed this shot from the photo booth!

Around to the Rain forest, where we went slow so Liam could climb each stair. Ayiana had to sit a few times to wait.

I think Liam wandered why the Gorilla had no face?

Each time we go we do this shot, Ayiana is getting taller!

Then we petted the goats
Went back around to the Monkeys, where Liam decided to start hanging on the bar like one , hahaha!

At the end we went to the gift shop and Ayiana got a flashing wand, Liam a Giraffe spotted helicopter. I was really surprised when we went to pay, Liam was good at putting up the toy for the cashier without me saying he needed to, he did cry while he had to wait for her to scan it...but for him to initiate the transaction without me having to force it was HUGE and he was happy as soon as he got his toy back... he has carried that helicopter in one had now for the last 4 hours :)  Overall a VERY Good Friday for us indeed!