Saturday, March 31, 2012

ER at 2 AM

Early this morning, well at 1:30 to be exact, Ayiana woke again just has she had the night before with chills. This time she was moaning and since her fever was not letting up from the past 2 days I thought for a moment then sighed and called my mom. Thomas was working and getting away from calls then going back to station would take longer so I asked my wonderful mom at 1:45 am to come over and stay with Liam so I could take Ayiana to the hospital. I called Thomas and told him, just so he would know, he was arriving on an intense call so it was a very short conversation. As I was waiting for my mom Ayiana told me "I'm counting on her." Seemed very movie drama like to me, but she was sincere that Grandma was here hero for coming so we could get her some help. We made it to children's just after 2, and there was a bit of a wait, not surprising to me even if I was hopeful there would not be. After about 1 hour, Thomas showed up, he was so frustrated when I had called since he obviously could not leave quickly, but his sergeant was kind and let him leave as soon as they were free from the call. Half hour later we went back, as the nurse was taking Ayiana's vitals (103.6 fever, WITH Motrin on board!) he thanked her quietly for not screaming her head off as the little girl in the next bed was doing pretty well for the next 2 hours. Ayiana was still whitty and said "Oh I only cry when I don't get my way!" Thomas and I shared glances then chuckled, oh the honestly of a 5 year old! Short time later the doctor walks in and asks some questions, the best one was when he asked if she was having any problems peeing... She responded "No, but sometimes I pee in the bath tub" lol. The doctor did not miss a beat asked if anyone else is in the tub with her, she said no, thank goodness, otherwise I may have turned an even brighter shade of red! So Ayiana had to give a urnine sample, last time at the doctors office this was a mess because she could not hold it long enough for us to use the cleaning toliette so this time it was done prior to getting to the potty itself....but still somehow or another pee went EVERYWHERE! This would not have been such a big deal except they did not have any clean gowns in her size (and she no panties with her footed PJ's) we had left her PJ's on and they where now drenched. Thomas had to go home for a change of clothes, in the mean time Ayiana had an ice pop...the doctor gave me one too lol must have looked at that point like I needed it! We went to x-ray for her chest and then hung out until all results and thankfully Thomas was back. Conclusion, she has a small infection at the bottom of her right lung, two types of antibotics given and back home. Everyone was back asleep by 6, Liam woke at 7:30, so I am now officially on 5 hours of sleep for the day, off to make some tea hoping the caffine kicks in fast!