Saturday, March 10, 2012

Ah... Saturday

Saturday morning in the McCarty's house is usually much less active then any other morning, and for that I am thankful. Of course that doesn't mean sleeping in is ever an option, Liam is a morning child and never sleeps past 7:30 (on a good morning). This morning I got to stay in bed until 8 minutes past 7, and only because 10 minutes earlier I heard Ayiana going into her brothers room...turning on the light and talking to him. She came in at 7:08 and declared Liam was awake and that she had gotten him a toy to play with, such a wonderful second mommy to him lol. Unlike many parents of toddlers, who have children get themselves out of bed and cause a ruckus in the house somewhere early in the morning...that is one thing I have not had to worry over with him. Liam still stays in his bed until I get him out, and its not that it was ever planned that way; it's just each time he has tried to get out of his bed in the past he has fallen out rather then hoisting over the safety rails to the other side. This is something by far most kids even at 18 months can do, but he just doesn't have the upper body strength yet to do it, and is now fearful of even trying. This makes life easier in some ways but is also slightly saddening to me, because it is one step of independence he doesn't yet possess. Independence is one of the greatest things to teach my kids, this I know, and I am thankful that Ayiana is growing quickly in that regard. Last night I was talking a shower and she came in and asked if she could make hot cocoa, this is her favorite thing to drink by far and she has it religiously every morning...its like her morning coffee. I use to think that probably wasn't the best nutrition option but when compared to other breakfast options, it is higher in calories (which she needs) and has just as many vitamins (we use Nesquik), so that's her morning routine. In any case, she made it all by herself last night, and then told me she did really good pouring the milk but made some mess with the chocolate powder. I asked if she cleaned it or I would need to do that, she said it would be a good surprise when I get into the kitchen. I went in and indeed my kitchen was still clean... hallelujah she not only made her own drink, but she cleaned up after herself, YES! For her skills, she also climbed the monkey bars several times at the park yesterday afternoon, this was something she had been trying for a while now, but hadn't been able to accomplish...she was so happy, I wished I had the camera for her face when she went through the first time, she was just beaming! I love watching her grow into a little lady, she has such a sweet spirit! Well, my 10 minutes of "blog" time is about to end, Liam is done with his food and we are off to Grandma's house, but I sincerely hope you and yours have a blessed weekend, I'll write again Monday!