Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy St. Patty's Day

Last week Ayiana's teacher sent notes home that they needed Leprechaun traps sent to school, to build them out of items in the home no bigger then a shoe box. Ayiana was set on using this blue basket, so Thomas helped construct a pulley type system. When you pick up the pot of gold in the middle the basket drops down, Ayiana played with it for almost 2 hours last weekend. 

We sent it to school on Monday and it came home Friday, she proclaimed that they had caught 7 Leprechauns in her class and that they had left green foot prints on the desks and a bucket of candy (rolo's) lol. This age is SO fun, still believing fanciful imaginary tales I Love it!  

I cooked a big St. Patty's meal last night because Thomas had training during the day and works on the "true" day, this way he could enjoy his Guinness with his meal...we are "McCarty's" after all! Corned beef with Roasted Cabbage Sandwiches and Mash potato's for dinner, Leprechaun Pie (pistachio pudding/cream cheese mix) for desert.... yum it was tasty!

This morning we are off to a Pancake breakfast for Ayiana's school, hope the rain isn't too bad! Of course I will be taking pictures there too, it should be fun!