Monday, March 12, 2012

Time changes and then comes Monday

So time changed yesterday, which leads to less sleep for most...except Liam who had already been moving his clock back by himself starting 3 weeks ago, he adapted to this time change with virtually no hang ups...which I guess makes up for that fact that the pink eye he had on his right side a week ago is now in his left so he will be getting drops in both eyes for the next week, and can not go to school today because of it. Back to time changes though.....Ayiana, if given the opportunity is a night owl, and this time change was pretty hard for her. She didn't get to sleep until a little past 9 last night although we where done with book reading and snack by 8:30, she also came into my room at 2:30 AM having had a bad dream. So up she came into the bed next to me, and then she proceeded to cough and cough until I gave her the inhaler and her coughing stopped about 15 minutes later. By this time we had both been "up" in the middle of the night for about 45 minutes, 7 AM came much to soon for both of us. I think she will certainly need a nap after school, as she also has dance class tonight.
Yesterday after church we stayed at the playground for a while, Liam gave his clearest "hi moma" much so even Ayiana stopped playing and looked over at me with the biggest eyes and said "That was super clear!" lol....such an awesome sister she is, how many 5 year old's would take note of something like that? In the afternoon Ayiana went to a birthday party at Build-a-Bear, so Liam and I cruised the mall waiting. She had wanted me to leave her, so I did, but didn't want to wander to far. Liam and I shared a candied apple, when I asked if he wanted an apple he immediately signed apple and then I told him it would have candy around it and he was pretty excited. We played outside on some rock formations, those kind that in the summer spout water, and he enjoyed it although I had to stand right next to the one he was on! 

We walked down the mall some, and for the most part he did well, stopping only at the outside of the Disney store and pointing to Pluto and signing dog, then saying "ball" as it was next to him then saying his best "Minnie mouse", he could have stayed there for a while but when I said we would find somewhere else to play he got in his stroller and we continued. Later he found butterfly decorations at the display window of Children's Place, he tries to sign that but its a hard one, he also tries to say it but that too is hard. I wonder what people must think as they walk by us and see him so excited with his face as close as possible to these windows lol. We also went in to Bath and Body and smelled things, he really enjoyed that and was a little upset when we had to leave... and at another clothing store he felt all of the tutu's... I'm sure the cashier there thought we where nuts. I just don't care anymore, he's happy, not hurting or destroying anything and we had time to kill so why not right? I think having a camera on Liam facing outward and having his own adventure show would be pretty fun at times, how many adults ever stop like he does, notice the little things in a display case, or the particular feel of clothing, delicate details of a flower? Liam REALLY notices the little things in life that make the world beautiful, and as hard as the adventure is at times (because it bucks all kinds of social norms) I'm glad that God choose me to be in the seat right next to him!