Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Taking it back

So yesterday it appeared Liam took the daylight savings time well, but in his usual fashion I should have just done a "wait"... I took Ayiana to dance class last night, (here is proof, lol, she played an elephant for a part of the class :)

Her class goes until 6:15, so we get home around 6:30, and wouldn't you know who fell asleep on the floor in the kitchen! Thomas said he was playing with the fridge magnet toy and then next thing asleep on the floor, he is funny how he can do that, hard uncomfortable floor, head wedged so the top of it meets the door of the refrigerator... he woke 15 minutes later and Thomas tried to keep him up but that was no use so he laid him in bed and he went down for the night (sort of). Fast forward to Ayiana's bed time, she is coughing and her stomach is hurting, she had mentioned earlier on the way to dance it was bothering her, but said nothing after so I let it go...that was until 9:30 at night. Gave her some medication and prayed she would sleep, which she finally did just after 10 (WAY to late for a school night). Then Liam wakes, unhappily, I go in to check on him, he's pooped in his diaper at some point, peed out of it now as well. So I change his very red bottom, his clothes, and his bedding and back to sleep he goes, I head back to bed at 10:20ish. Fast forward to 2:30 in the morning, Liam's up again, this time happily as in "I'm ready for the morning happy".... I go in and ask him what he was wanting, he signs "eat" followed by his best give at saying "breakfast", well we're up now, I get a bowl of cereal and he eats it under the small lamp in his room but now what. This mama is tired, my throat is hurting and I'm now coughing what Ayiana had been earlier. So I take Liam into our room, poor Thomas was on days off and flexes his sleep so he had only had 3 hours the day before but with me not feeling well I wasn't going to the living room, my body just couldn't hang with that tonight.  Liam watches a few signing times from youtube on the IPAD but then gets bored and wants off the bed, so I get up and grab a bucket of toys from his room and close our bedroom door. He plays with all sorts of wonderful things in our room, for the next 2 HOURS.... Thomas and I each peeping an eye every so often, but he's pretty babbly loud so we can tell where he's at. He of course only plays with 3 of the toys out of his whole bucket the rest of the time he manages to tip the small ottoman of the glider rocker in our room and watch it sway back and forth, then finds the cord to the ipad charger and swings it wildly on the floor like he's going to rope something. Thomas passes some gas at one point then, and Liam laughs hysterically, we look at each other, and say "hard to be mad isn't it" lol. Then as I'm listening to him, something happens by our door, which is around a small corner and all the sudden I hear him saying "open, open, open" and then scratching of fingernails on the other side of the door..... he learned to open doors last night! Little stinker! After that I got up and put him back to bed, it had been 2 1/2 hours, and he fell back asleep. Morning came and Ayiana was still coughing and her nose is completely clogged so with some hesitation by her, we decided she would have to miss her first day of Kindergarten, she was a bit sad because she can't get the trophy for perfect attendance but I promised her one for being the "Sweetest Daughter Ever". We all went back to bed, some longer then others, for some more much needed rest.